Am I Dreamin'?

Seriously. The Tribe took a series from the ChiSux? WTF? Pretty damn cool, though, especially since the early pitching by Byrdie sucked balls. It'd be nice to have a starter besides C.C., that can pitch, and pitch well for more than half a second. That bats were working, kinda. 12 runs on 14 hits looks really good until one sees that The Tribe left 17 runners on base. 17? Good Christ, the score should have been much higher than 12. We also got to see Scotty pitch. I just laughed my ass off, making prison jokes, infidelity jokes, oh, and of course shitty relief pitching jokes. Wickie got some work in the 9th, but not a save situation, so whatever, at least he didn't fuck up.

Jason Johnson starts tonight against LA's Jered Weaver. Never heard of Weaver, but damn. He's pitch one game thus far in the majors, and has a very scary 0.00 ERA. Shit.


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