WTF! The Tribe's FINALLY Playin' .500 Ball

Jak-ie did a damn fine job tonight. A damn Fine Job. And Baby, I'm lovin' that Bennie solo shot. I screamed like a little girl getting her first doll-baby. I really did. Honestly, I'm, um fairly hammered right now, but it still scared the shit out of me when they had Fausto in for the 9th, but of course I laughed my ass off every time they showed Scotty warmin' up. My fears were laid to rest, however. The boys came out OK. They're up 2-1 for the series...But I'm glad I still got that case of Bud in the fridge for Thursday night.

That's all I got for tonight, but I am working on this little 'thing' ya'll should appreciate, for I'm guessing, later this week.


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