I'm Chewing My Hair

I know it sounds bad, but it's one of those really disgusting habits I never grew out of, and I so do it when I'm stressing, especially when my hair's in braids...And I've been doing it since the 1st inning of tonight's game.

Seriously, I'm one superstitious chick. We're at the bar, and I see that asshole Vladimir come up, and STO shows the stat that Cleveland is the only team he's not homered off for the last 20 face-offs. As soon as I saw those guys show it, I knew he was going to knock one outta the park. And he did. STO, stop showing that kind of stat, PLEASE.

Why, why, why, would a coach leave someone in who's sucking ass on the mound for 5 motherfucking innings? Why? Johnson couldn't find the zone, couldn't settle down, couldn't throw anything but balls, & give up homers, all night long.

Not that it's entirely Johnson's fault. The bats were on hiatus for about 7 innings. Props to Michaels for the homer, but ah, too little too late, babe.

Pardon me while I go gnaw on my left braid.

P.S. Chone does not equal either Shawn, or Sean. That's just wrong.


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