WTF is Wrong With People?!?!

WEWS as of yet is the only news source that identifies this girl as one of the founders of Grady's Ladies. Her boyfriend shot her like 7 times, then offed himself in what they think is some sort of jealous rage thing. Due to starting and being a member of a fucking fan club. What a dick.

Prayers and thoughts (yes I pray) are with Michelle Mielecki's loved ones. And I suppose her asshole boyfriends' family as well. If anyone finds out if they're going to be some sort of donation thing set up, shoot me a line, please.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but you don't know the facts or anything about this story.. WTF?! You have no right to even say anything about what happened bc you don't know them or their families. SO before you go calling anyone an asshole and in a jealous rage, get your facts straight and quit running your mouth

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