At A Loss

I don't understand why teams that are below .500 consistently take series-es from The Tribe. The boys lost 4-1, and the series to Oakland, of all teams, yesterday afternoon.

Let's begin, shall we? WTF was Johnson doing in for 7 full innings? 11 of Oakland's 15 fucking hits came off him, as well as 3 runs. Pitching/coaching issues much?

Go Bennie for the HR, but um, baby, smackin' one outta the park doesn't completely get the job done, when you're losing a the damn game. I don't know what the Hell was going on with everyone else, just not getting on, much. If I'm reading the box score right, 6 guys failed to even get on base. 6! That's more than half the team, for fuck sakes.

They're taking on the ChiSux in Chicago this weekend. Great. I'm going to have to rethink that, shall we say, provacative pic of me that's floating around.


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