Friday's Game

Because of working today, I was just going to do one post about the game last night & the one this afternoon. Work got done early, and I'm a little too pissed off still, to combine my posts.

The Tribe was winning 4-3 by the end of the 6th. Both teams were scoreless in the 7th. Lee went almost a full 8 innings, and did OK for the most part. But damnit Raffie! When it's that close, you can't blow the fucking lead. Not with these inconsitent bats.

Tribe's lost 2 in a row. I'm upset. They're playing like a bunch of damn monekys out on the field, and at bat. Might get lucky once in a while, but basically, they're primates with bats & gloves.

To add the cream in my coffee, the game's on FOX today, and ESPN tomorrow night. Wonderful


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