What in the Hell is going on with these guys? Dropped 2 to the ChiSux, lost another 2 to the Damn Yankees. I saw Tuesday's game, and really wasn't too disappointed wit the loss. Except of course there wasn't any hitting. And last night? Had dart league last night at some sleazy joint over on Brown Street, and ya know what they had on both their TVs? Hockey. Yes. Hockey. In the middle of June. While The Tribe was playing the Damn Yankees for God sakes. Hubby gave me the re-cap when we got back to our bar. It was quite humerous.

The Damn Yankees kicked The Tribe's ass, but the Big Unit & Torre got tossed for throwing at Perez. Hubby was laughing his ass off telling me about it. He hates Randy Johnson more than I hate Chicago, I swear. Would have been better to get a bench clearing brawl going on, though. Well there's always this afternoon. Cliff's a spirited kind of pitcher, maybe he can get something going today.


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