The Tribe got swept by the Brew Crew. The freakin' Brewers. All three games this weekened they had a chance to win, and flubbed every single game. Wickie blew it Saturday, Raffie blew it yesterday. To say I'm disgusted, would be half right. I'm also fucking pissed. The Tribe's 14 games out of 1st, and as much I sorta kinda like Wedgie, I totally think it's time to wave goodbye. At least tossing him would give the impression that the front office gives a shit about the season.


Blogger Kyle said...

I watched the game Saturday. Tough times. Everytime I see Wickman on the mound I'm amazed that he is a professional athlete.

12:49 PM  
Blogger thatchick said...

Wickie is one of the reasons why I drink. He's not horrendous, but man, he gets those saves just a little too coulorfully for my taste.

7:59 AM  

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