C.C. Should Be the New D.H.

Cuz his pitching sucked balls last night. Am I the only one that finds it odd that 2 of our 4 runs were knocked in by C.C.? At least he tried to make up for his poor performace during the first 4 innings. Why he was left in beyond 4, amazes me. He never seemed to find his zone last night, but still was in for a full 6. If only I was coaching this team...

The Tribe lost to the Brew Crew 6-4 last night. How in the fuck did they manage that one? Oh. That's right. I forgot. Cleveland not only has problems playing good teams, they also do a shitty job against other teams playing below .500. Pronk got to play 1B for the first time this season, to keep his bat in the line-up. He went 1-4. Gee. Think Bennie could have done better? Jhonny smacked in a 2 run-homer in the 9th, but it was too little too late.

It's disgusting that The Tribe couldn't manage a win against the Brew Crew. Disgusting. What's worse is now Cleveland is 12 motherfucking games back. 12!


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