Maybe, Just Maybe, a Turning Point?

Apparently my house is way dirtier than I had thought. I'm ready for a break. Onto last night's game, then!

After losing 10 strait series openers, The Tribe finally managed a win. You guys should have heard me scream in the bar. I was very happy. It was a cool 10-3 against the Cards. Pitching was on, Go Cliff, baby. Hitting was on. Todd, Grady-Baby, & Pronk all knocked 'em outta the park.

Is this the kind of win they needed? Absolutley. It all *GASP* came together last night. Don't know if they can keep it up, but Goddamn, it'd be very fucking nice if they did. I've been a Cleveland Sports Fan, especially The Tribe, for way too long to get my hopes up. But, I'm also an optimist, & no matter what, loyal to our teams. Or incredibly stupid. Whichever. I still believe there's a chance. There's always a chance. Always, at least until September 30th. Haily Mary, Baby.

Crap. I'm 3 days behind on this one. Michaels is on the DL. He may not do that well at the plate, but that motherfucker has got an arm, and it will be missed in the OF.

And lookie here. Wedgie made the AL all-Star team as an assistant coach. As much as I'm fustrated with the way he's been so flippin' idle this year, he's not a stupid coach. He really isn't. He's suffering from the same thing that every single coach in the history of Cleveland, or at least the last 50 + years, has suffered. Wedgie cannot deliver a winning fucking team. If the dude would pack his shit, and head to I dunno, KC tomorrow, that damn team would somehow end up in the World Series, and win the f-in' thing. Cool for him. but I'd much rather see Cleveland make the playoffs than have people playing/coaching in what has become a joke of the All-Star game.


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