I truly am. They dropped a fucking 7-0 lead to Cinci, and lossed the damn game. To borrow a phase from a good friend, JESUSTAPDANCINGCHRIST!

Byrdie actually had an excellent outing, and the 'pen did what it normally does. Imploded.

The bats were on fire. This is what a starting pitcher needs. He got support, the bats worked, it all came together. Until that douchebag of a coach, Wedgie, went to the 'pen, that is.

I've read and heard lots about Wickie through the course of this season. And I'm coming to the conclusion, that no matter how good he is/was, and how much repsect I have for the guy, The Indians do not need a full-time closer on the books. He needs to go. Trading him could get some real hot guys. Who? I have no fucking clue. But I'll bet cuz of his rep, they could get a goddamned pitcher, or 2, Hell, maybe even 3, that no. 1. doesn't implode, and no. 2. can pitch more than one damn inning, and not fuck it up.


Anonymous Mark said...

Trading him could get some real hot guys.

Is all you women think about is getting hot-looking guys to play? hehe

11:52 PM  
Blogger thatchick said...

Dude. I wasn't even thinking about it that way, til you brought it up. Great.

8:44 AM  

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