Smoked 'Em

Yeah they did, babay. The Tribe kick a little Damn Yankee ass last night, and won 19-1. Yes. That's right folks. 19-1.

Jakie went a solid 7, allowing just that one run in the first. Mujica finished up the final two inngins, allowing, basically, squat. The bats were on freaking fire. Pronk, & Jhonny each had two out of the park. Victor, & Ronnie each had one. Grady-Baby, Todd, Ronnie, & Pronk all had doubles.

Michaels was back in Left last night, didn't do much at the plate, except get hit by a pitch. He did however make an out-freaking-standing catch. Suprise, suprise. Boonie had Cleveland's only E in the first. He needs to go bye-bye.

Byrdie takes on Mike Mussina tonight. Dear Baseball Gods: Let The Tribe take the series.


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