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I fully expected to not have shit to say about the Tribe til January-ish, when I started getting the shakes from baseball withdrawl, and begining to look forward to Spring Training. However, there's been a few things that have caught my eye over the last week so, here ya go.

Buck Showalter, Rangers ex-manager, and also worked with the Damn Yankees, and D-Backs, got hired as an "adivsor." They, the PD, says he's gonna sorta take the role that Grover had a few years back. Great. Cuz that did The Tribe so much fucking good. In the PD article they don't say how long his contract will be for, or how much dough they're shelling out for this dude.

My biggest bitch on this is that, DAMNIT, The Indians organization can may out some crazy amount of money for some administrative asshole, and you know he's not getting chicken feathers for this "advisor" position, but they won't come through and pay out the bucks to get what they need, when they need it. And they don't need office guys. They need ball players for fuck's sake.

Then, there was this article. Apparently there's talk of signing Danys Baez. As a closer. What. The. Fuck.

Cleveland had him once, and traded him, for whom, can't remember. But shit, they didn't want him before, why now? And really, is a closer that big of deal? How 'bout we focus on starters & relievers? Wasn't that real fuck-up of the 2006 season? Why do teams want to waste money on a one inning, eevery couple of days or so, pitcher, BEFORE they got the rest of their shit together? Seriously. Ain't gonna need to use a closer, if all the other pitchers blow.


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wow that sucks, the url you have for my blog looks like a porn oriented xmas card.

anyway, this is jon from tribefanatic, I've changed my url to clevelandbaseball.blogspot.com

p.s. indians going nowhere this year again.

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